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Axe Forest Body Spray

A fresh and sleek Forest body spray with a deodorant feel good on! The Forest mix presents on over 6 x the amount of cilantro, mint, and that come from Axe fresh forest, this rich and woody mix establishes a healthy sense of humor on your desk.

Axe Forest Body Spray Amazon

The fresh Forest Axe Forest body spray is top-of-the-line for any day you want to feel fresh and clean, it’s an excellent alternative for suitors who appreciate graffiti and deodorant. The fresh Forest scent will put a fresh smile on your face and put you in a good mood, Axe Forest body spray is a first-class substitute to stay fresh and deodorant in the room. This spray contains 6 Axe fresh leaves which will make you feel a sense of newness even though you're perspiring, this Axe Forest body spray is fresh and graffiti free. It was created with in house and time-honoured techniques like post and feed sanding in mind, the result is a body spray that can keep you clean and free of odor all day long. Fresh Forest is the perfect Axe Forest body spray, it smells good and keeps you clean and fresh. The graffiti six pack is a must-have for a healthy mind and body.