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Axe Gold Body Spray

Axe Gold is a body spray that smells of dark vanilla deodorant, it is unique in that it is not only a body spray, but also a deodorant. The deodorant content makes this is an exceptional alternative for suitors who are wanting for a fragrance-free home environment, the spray also extends a long shelf life, so you can always have some in your home.

Axe Gold Temptation Body Spray

Axel Gold deodorant body spray is an unique and unique scent that will never let you down, it renders an 48-hour non-stop fresh life and is a peerless alternative to get a little bit of sweat out of your body. Ace your day with a best-in-class body spray with the correct axe, this deodorant will keep you odorless and lite, making your day. Axel gold's citron scent is present in every application and it's especially noticeable when i am already sweaty, the odorous people once again feel the need to walk or running around, and the stench of Axe gold's dank fragrance. I find it hard to take a sink value for my hair control and health, i would not recommend this product to anyone. This Axe Gold deodorant body spray provides a fun citrus scent and is 4 oz, it is best-in-the-class for summer weather.