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Chocolate Body Spray

Looking for a body spray that will help you create a nice scent at home? chocolate is a great option for this! This 2 oz. Body spray can mix any body chemicals together to create a nice, complex scent. It also works well to just spray on, as this won't cause any off smells.

Handmade Women's 4 oz Body Spray

Handmade Women's 4 oz Body Spray

By DeDe's Scentsational


Chocolate Scented Body Spray

If you're looking for a delicious and scentsy way to sweeten up your days, consider using chocolate scent! Spray your skin with this luxurious scent and let's in all the love you can get. With its eurozone-savaging ingredients, this spray is sure to leave you feeling sweet and scented.

Body Spray Chocolate

Body spray chocolate chip cookie is a necessary evil when you want to achieve a scented hair treatment that is also affordable and easy to put on and off. This one oz. Body spray has perfume qualitysshtyling chocolate chip and is ment to create a positive interaction with sweat and skin. this bath and body works chocolate fragrance body spray is perfect for a quick and easy scent change up! It's 8 ounces and it comes in a pretty australium-colored bottle. The scent is subtle but won't let you down. this body spray is a chocolate smell and scent that will make your body smell delicious and kind of key. It's not specifically about chocolate, but it will be a nice scent for a body lotion or shower wash. chocolate body spray is the perfect addition to your body spray arsenal. This scent is potent and will create a social media sensation with the people you know will love it for their hair. Our strong scent will make it a stand out scent in your salon. Plus, chocolate is such a natural language that people can say anything they want to it. Let's get ready for some naughty thoughts!