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Lemon Vanilla Body Spray

Introducing the newest addition to our line of body sprays! This delicate Vanilla scent brings a touch of flavor to your bath time or body wash use, our lemony scent is prime for your kitchen.

Lemon Vanilla Body Spray Ebay

Lemon Vanilla body spray is an unique and convenient choice to get your body's natural flavors into your skin, the spray travels well and makes an excellent daily walk or shower gift. This is a delicious Lemon Vanilla body spray that will help you get that great clean look when you're taking a bath or bath, it's also top for outside chemical engineer applications. This! This is the best! The best Lemon Vanilla body spray i've ever tried! It's rare that i can find, but i'm sure this will be the one for this year! I desire the claim to "strip away" body odor and body wash are also great, this is a discontinued product. If you are searching for an alternative to refresh and helping with your Lemon scent, this is an unequaled product for you! The 8 oz spray bottle can help you perfectly mist over your skin with each hand just how you want it.