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Vanilla Musk Body Spray

This Vanilla Musk body spray is a must-have for any woman who loves using dry oil body sprays as fragrance 1 oz one bottle unisex, this is a luxurious Vanilla Musk scent that will make you feel musky and tonic.

Vanilla Musk Body Spray Ebay

This is a Vanilla Musk body spray that comes in 30 ml and spray mist forms, it is an 30 ml bottle that comes with a peppermint, vanilla, and lavender scent. The spray mist presents an 30 ml size, this gives a Vanilla and peppermint scent. The scent is wonky and it is refreshing, this body spray is good for public areas or anytime you need a refreshing scent. Introducing the all-new Vanilla Musk body spray! This mist contains 1 oz of Vanilla Musk to give your hair and skin a little bit of excitement and missing out on that always-deadly cold in the winter, the smooth, frosty scent is unequaled for a quick 5-minute application on the heady pre-summer day. Whether you're dressing up for day or day-of work, this body spray is a must-have, this is a body spray that is fabricated for women to smell vanilla. The Vanilla Musk scent is used to create a relaxing and refreshing scent, this spray is conjointly effective for controlling sweat and making you feel enjoyable to be around. This cashmere glow is a splendid desire it or hate it spray for women who enjoy their body spray smells like cashmere, this bottle will leave you snippy about any other person who might be using this product? This product is designed to make you feel cashmere glow is a top-notch appreciate it or hate it spray for women who admire their body spray smells like cashmere.