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Rio Rumberry Body Spray

The Rio body spray is a gentle, all-natural fragrance that will leave you with a sense of and of being surrounded by nature, this spray is a sterling way to get a sense of how your body is interconnected with the environment it is on.

Rio Rumberry Body Spray Amazon

Rio body spray is a water based body spray that smells it is 4 oz and it is puissant for the everyday wash of the face, this spray comes with our body scent which is powdery and it smells like hawaii. This spray is dandy for the everyday user who wants to smell like they are on a vacation, a refreshing and refreshing scent, Rio body spray is an excellent mist for refreshing your body after a long day. The, unique scent of Rio is sure to please, this body spray is a sterling surrogate to keep your body smell good and invoking a feeling of excitement or relaxation. It is fabricated with various other) ingredients including: lavender, lavender oil, chamomile, and lavender water, this product is again natural and effective because it contains lavender and other scents for body odor. Minty shower of air conditioning that provides a cool, refreshing experience, with its light, refreshing scent, bath & body works Rio fragrance mist body spray is can be used for eral, mouthwatering, or just a light, refreshing scent. It's 2, 5 oz edp - eau de parfum and lasts for hours, making it a beneficial alternative for a daily use body spray.